about the artist

Seb Sweatman was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. At 10 years old he and his family emigrated from South Africa and settled in England, then Canada and finally in the US. Seb currently paints out of his studio in Stowe, Vermont. more...

about the process

My process is somewhat random and I do not have a finished idea in my mind when working on a piece. The painting alternates between leaning against the wall to being somewhat flat on the ground. I generally paint on stretched canvases. I use high quality, low-VOC acrylic paints and markers.

about the Vermont Contemporary Art Space (VCAS)

VCAS was started to encourage Vt artists to produce by giving them a place to show their work. To date, we have had two shows; in 2016 VCAS presented Arista Alanis, Craig Wiltse, Molly Davies, Alexandra Heller and myself in Stowe at the Comfort Farm Barn Gallery, and in 2017 VCAS presented Steve Sharon in a solo show at the Pratt Library Gallery at Goddard College in Plainfield. More info at: VCAS Facebook page